Please note: Our lessons are only for children who already speak and understand German very well. Unfortunately we do not offer classes in German as a foreign language!

All classes are German immersion classes.

Our teachers are native speakers with experience in teaching. They enthusiastically plan and prepare fun lessons focused on incorporating 5 key pillars of German language proficiency:

- Understanding German (listening comprehension)

- Speaking German (conversation, expression, vocabulary)

- Reading German (silently and aloud)

- Writing German (forming words, sentences, developing stories, writing creatively and with correct spelling)

- understanding and correct use of German grammar.

A playful approach (fun and games!) is fundamental to our teaching. Our teachers all incorporate a wide variety of games and activities to make learning German a lot of fun!

We follow the "Mildenberger Silbenmethode" (an approach to learning German that focuses on syllables rather than letters as the key small building block of language). The excellent Mildenberg "ABC der Tiere" text books and work books give our lessons great structure and provide a common thread to all our classes.